Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet.

*Huxley Jay and Lexi Grey*


My sweet, sweet babies. Huxley Jay on the left and his baby sister, Lexi Grey, on the right. So much love for these fur-babies of mine and photo credit due to my gorgeous Fiancé, Kelsey.







Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

“Also, you’re wearing headphones blaring heavy metal.”

The prompt is “silence”, and with the way my crazy brain works I immediately thought of the loudest place ever. New York City, more specifically, Times Square. Though that was my initial thought, I promise this post is still relevant so stick with me lol.

This past August, my fiancé (Kelsey) and I took a week long trip to New York. As a born and raised Midwesterner, this was a bit of a culture shock for me. The place is “going”, literally 24/7. On our second night, she took me to a broadway show (Wicked, which was fantastic) and then we explored Times Square. There’s something else you need to know about me before we go further.

Not only am I a Midwesterner, I am 100% diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety. With that being said, let me paint you a picture of how I felt during my first strides through Times Square. Picture this, you’re walking through a crowded hallway that has no exits. This hallway has strobe lights and smells like a Porta Potty. Also, you’re wearing headphones blaring heavy metal. Sensory overload. That might’ve been a bit dramatic but you get the picture.

Okay so all of this is happening and Kelsey can tell I’m internally battling my sensory overload. So she says, “Tay, let’s take a picture to celebrate our 6 month anniversary”. She hands her camera to a complete stranger, grabs me, pulls me close and tells me to hold up my five fingers. Then this happens.


Silence. In the moment of this picture, I heard nothing. There were no people. No hallways without exits. No Porta Potty smells. Definitely no heavy metal. Silence. I was staring the love of my life in the eyes and time froze. Everything was still. Silence.

My First Post: Ignorance is hate.

“You’re too pretty to be with that girl and do you not want to have kids some day?”

I have never done one of these things but my friends have and I thought I’d give it a shot. Maybe, potentially, someone out there might share similar crazy thoughts. So here’s something that happened in my life this past week that has me hoping for a better future for humanity. We can do better.

A year ago, my fiancé received a message via Facebook from a man she doesn’t even know. He stated, “Hey are you gay?”. She never responded. This past week, she received a message from the same man (whom she thought she blocked) and it stated, “You’re too pretty to be with that girl and do you not want to have kids some day?” We both looked at each other and laughed. But then, it struck a nerve with us. My fiancé then proceeded to post these two messages as a screenshot on Facebook for her friends to see the “issues” we, as two lesbian women, have from time to time. The post got a lot of feedback. Our friends and family are very supportive of us and apologized for the words of this man.

This man caught wind of the post and proceeded to message my fiancé some very hateful things. They contain some vulgar language so prepare yourself. He said, (message 1) “Hey sorry you nasty lesbian bitch you can’t adopt kids or go through a sperm bank without there being a man or male involved so I guess you will never truly be a lesbian I’m going to blow up all over and make it my duty to publicly shame you all over social media.” (message 2) “And I’m uneducated…..please….peace out G you fucked with the wrong one….there is no place for you in this world because it’s just not natural so I guess have fun in hell you dumb bitch”. (message 3, specifically directed at me) “Hey tell your nasty bitch to take that post down with me in it or I’m going to start posting some fucked up stuff that nobody wants to see final warning….have fun in hell lesbian bitches.” Whew. That was quite a mouthful lol.

My fiancé and I were initially offended and a tad upset about the words he directed at us. However, we were able to vent to each other and friends and move on. This sort of thing is the unfortunate truth about some people in this world. Complete ignorance is a dangerous thing. Things like this happen to the best people all of the time and it’s very frustrating to me. I have hope that one day, people will choose love rather than hate, and accept each other’s differences.